Who is Advance Capital?

Advance Capital is an Australian owned and managed online finance broker. We specialise in sourcing loans for small and medium businesses. We offer a fast, simple and flexible solution. 

What is a small business loan?

A small business loan is a unique and innovative finance product that lends against the cash flow of your business. 

Why is a small business loan better?

Advance Capital is faster than a bank and because we use different information to assess your loan it is easier to get approved. Approval ratios are typically higher than the banks, and the lender can get funds to you in hours rather than weeks.

How soon can I receive funds?

We can fund in as little as 2 business days**. How fast you receive the loan depends on how quickly we receive your application and supporting information. The quicker you send them back, the quicker you'll have your money***.

How does the repayment process work?

Our loans have a fixed term of between 3--24 months. To make your life easy, we set up an automatic daily or weekly fixed payment from your business bank account.

What can the business loan be used for?

Your business loan can be used for any business purpose such as renovations, marketing, purchasing inventory or new equipment and general working capital.

How can I track my repayments?

We provide access to an online customer portal which allows you to monitor your account 24/7.

Do I have to provide security?

No. We provide unsecured business loans and assess your application based on your revenue.

What is the interest rate?

These loans do not work off an interest rate. Instead, there is a loan fee that is calculated upfront on the total loan amount. The lender adds this to the amount borrowed which you then repay back in small daily or weekly repayments over the term of the loan.


We use a factor rate to calculate the loan (funding) fee. As an example, if you were approved at a factor rate of 1.18 and took out an unsecured business loan of $100,000 over a 12 month term you would pay back $118,000. The loan fee in this scenario would be $18,000 which is equivalent to a fixed interest rate of 18%. Additional fees and charges may apply and the factor rate may be higher, however all the fees and charges are laid out clearly and transparently in the Agreement so you know upfront exactly what your loan will cost.

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